Basement Construction

Client’s Brief

Our client bought a small Victorian terraced property in the heart of Chelsea. It was nearly impossible to extend the property on the ground floor, so the only option to create more space was to create a basement level. The new basement level provided two new bedrooms with natural daylight and ventilation and an additional bathroom.

Site Conditions

Site conditions where particularly difficult. The property was on a very narrow mews with limited access for heavy machinery. It took careful planning for site logistics to run smoothly so the works could progress on site as planned

Construction Method

Working closely with a structural engineer a construction sequence was designed to enable us to excavate under the existing house and avoid any soil or structural collapse. The shell of the basement was constructed of reinforced concrete and was made structurally waterproof using a specialist tanking system. The structure was also insulated using highly effective insulation sheet which is much thinner than an ordinary insulation board and helps save precious space.


The construction time for the basement shell was 8 weeks